Peace Hong Kong Initiative

 The Guardian:

Hong Kong riot police forcibly disperse pro-democracy demonstrators  

Riot police in Hong Kong disperse and arrest protesters occupying the government headquarters on Saturday to protest China’s refusal to allow genuine democratic reforms in the semi-autonomous region. Student groups have been spearheading a civil disobedience campaign this week in response to Beijing’s announcement last month that it would choose who can stand for Hong Kong’s top post of chief executive in elections in 2017

Please Sign Petition to the White House



We ask all the democracy-loving people living around the world to sign our We The People petition to the White House on Hong Kong which urges the US government to monitor the constitutional crisis in Hong Kong, press the Chinese Government to honor their promise of democratic elections to the Hong Kong citizenry, and prevent a second Tiananmen Massacre from happening in Hong Kong. Our goal of having the White House respond to this crisis can be achieved by reaching 100,000 signatories by Oct. 4, 2014. Please forward to friends and colleagues to support this petition.

Goal: Have the U.S. government to warn Beijing that any effort to crackdown peaceful demonstrations in Hong Kong by force will be strongly opposed and severely punished.


Requirement: 100,000 signatories by Oct 4, 2014


3 Easy Steps:

1. Go to:

2. Sign with First Name, Last Name, and Email on the right column.

3. [Important!] Check your email from the White House, and CONFIRM your signature.



Initiating Organizations:

– Citizen Power for China/Initiatives for China
– Canada-Hong Kong Link
– Occupy Central with Love and Peace Toronto Support Group
– Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement
– ChinaAid
– Chinese Democratic Education Foundation
– Beijing Spring
– Students for Free Tibet
– Southern Mongolia Human Rights Information Center
– Uygur American Association
– Federation for a Democratic China
– Global Support for Democratization in China and Asia
– Alliance for a Democratic China
– Chinese Republican Party
– China Social Democratic Party
– Alliance of the Guard of Canadian Value
– China Democracy Party United Headquarter – Overseas Division
– Sydney Democracy Platform
– Chinese Alliance for Democracy
– The Qi’s Cultural Foundation
– Taiwan Association for China Human Rights
– Taiwan March
– Taiwan Labour Front
– Association for Free Communication
– Formoshark
– Taiwan Youth Anti-Communist National Salvation Corps
– Taiwan friends of Uyghurs
– Taiwan Independence Reformation
– Peacetime Foundation of Taiwan

– Youth for Human Rights of the Republic of China



Contact Person:

Dr. YANG Jianli

(International Community, Oversea Democratic Movements)


Dr. TENG Biao (Chinese Human Rights, International Community)



Mr. HU Jia (Mainland China)



Mr. YANG Sen-hong (Taiwan)



Mr. TO Kwan Hang (Hong Kong)



Ms. Gloria Fung (International Community, Oversea Hong Kong Citizens)



Mr. Henry Chau (Oversea Hong Kong Citizens)



Scott Chiang (Macau)


Mr. Bob Fu (International Community, Christian Churches)



Ms. Theresa Chu (Taiwan)



Mr. Enghebatu Togochog (South Mongolia)



Ms. Zubayra Shamseden (Uyghur)


Tenzin Dolkar (Tibet)