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Examining China’s Response to the Covid-19 Outbreak (September 2019-January 2020): The Catastrophe That Could Have Been Avoided

In “Examining China’s Response to the Covid19 Outbreak (September 2019January 2020): The Catastrophe That Could Have Been Avoided,” Citizen Power Initiatives for China (CPIFC) analyzes how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) responded to the virus, especially in the critical month between December 26, 2019 and January 25, 2020. Based on meticulous analysis of data, much of it directly from sources in China, the report establishes a day-by-day, objective record documenting how Chinese authorities, from the top leadership to local governments, from biomedical institutions to public health administrations, from official media to foreign affairs functionaries, responded to the epidemic.

Chinese Translation of: Damming the Three Gorges

The original book was written by Margaret Barber and Grainne Ryder.

A critique of the Three Gorges Water Control Project Feasibility Study Nine independent experts express their professional outrage at a Canadian government-financed study that recommends building the Three Gorges dam in China, which would require the forcible relocation of one million people and the destruction of one of the world’s most magnificent canyons. The findings prompted Probe international to file a formal complaint with the professional engineering associations against Canadian engineering firms for professional misconduct, negligence, and incompetence.

The History of 1989 Democracy Movement Vol. 1-10

The History of the 1989 Democracy Movement by Chen Xiaoya, a prominent Chinese historian who devoted over two decades to complete her ten volumes masterpiece, is the most comprehensive work on this subject. It combines newly disclosed information, documentation and witness interviews, focusing on the cause of the movement and what actually happened, and aiming to explain the major events and disputed events to explore the interaction between the government and the protesters, and the internal power struggle of the Chinese regime as well as that of the opposition. The book demystifies key events that changed the course of history and offers a new insight into the 1989 Democracy Movement and the Tiananmen Square Massacre. 

Secrets of the CCP’s United Front Work Department

Secrets of the CCP’s United Front Department is an insider’s account of the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front system and its secret tactics. The author is Mr. CHENG Ganyuan, a legal scholar and former Chinese Communist Party officer, who worked in its United Front apparatus in the 1960s. Mr. Cheng was a Chinese soldier in the Korean War. He studied law and worked in China’s central government before his United Front career. He was persecuted in the Cultural Revolution and later became a scholar of administrative law before retiring and immigrating to the US, where he is an active advocate for democracy and rule of law in China. His main responsibility, while he was working in the CCP’s United Front Department, involved the agency’s efforts vis a vis minor political parties, he also became familiar with the Department’s dealings with business community and various religious groups. He was involved with such sensitive work as receiving the Republic of China’s former acting president Li Zongren and China’s last emperor Aisin Gioro Puyi.

This book reveals the true nature of the “United Front” by telling real stories concerning real people. Readers may be surprised to find that the CCP’s United Front tactics have hardly changed over the past half-century, and the farces described in this book are still being constantly replayed in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese communities, albeit on a larger scale. This book is the only memoir yet written by a former CCP United Front cadre about the Department. It is highly valuable as a political reference and historical record… Read More>>>

Aierzhen Scholar of 1989 Beijing Tiananmen

A Scholar from Aier Town is an autobiographical novel by Cao Xuyun. In 1989 he was a brave young protester in the Tiananmen Square. The novel describes vividly the Tiananmen Square Massacre at the June 4th night and a protester’s life journey to freedom. Although the hero of the novel was just a small figure in the protests, his courage and heroic acts reflect the mighty power of the people dislayed in the square. As a historical fiction, the book accurately provides details about what happened in the 1989 pro-democracy movement. It holds important literary merit.

The Nine and Half Years of a Sent-Down Youth

Written by Jiang Qisheng. The writer wrote this memoir after a reunion with his alumni, which has brought back memories when they were “sent-down” rural areas as an educated youth from the city, a policy ordered by Mao Zedong. Memories from that reunion led the author to spent the next two years compliting this book, documented his nine and half years.