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Our Mission

Citizen Power Initiatives for China is a grassroots movement dedicated to advancing a peaceful transition to democracy in China. Our movements are embedded with the belief that such a transition can be achieved through structural reform of the current system of government that by its very nature denies universally recognized political and social rights to its citizens. Our movement further recognizes that such reform can only be driven by the citizens of China through the application of Gong Min Li Liang (公民力量 “Citizen power”) and through cooperative and unified action of all the diverse peoples that are under the rule of the Chinese government.

Citizen Power Initiatives for China is committed to sowing the seeds of truth, love, justice, freedom, and democracy in China, through the following means:

    • Promoting principles of non-violent struggle;
    • Raising awareness among Chinese citizens of their legal rights;
    • Advancing further development of the Chinese Civil Movement;
    • Encouraging Chinese citizens to evaluate their government, affirm its achievements that have benefited the people of China and critique it when necessary; and providing more overseas assistance in an effort to influence the policies of the PRC government.

All these efforts are undertaken in order to accomplish a peaceful transition to a democratic China through constitutional reform.

公民力量是致力于中国和平民主转型的草根型运动。 我们的运动基于这样的信仰,即,和平民主转型能够通过改变本质上完全拒絶赋予公民政治和社会权利的现行政体结构来实现。 我们进一步认识到,只有运用公民力量,通过在中共统治下所有种族人民的统一合作的行动,我们才能推动这一变革。


    • 倡导非暴力抗争原则
    • 促进中国公民权利意识的觉醒
    • 支持中国公民运动的开展
    • 促进公民力量的成长和公民社会的发育,推动公民鉴政、外力压政、借力参政