By: Jianli Yang

President Joe Biden on May 26 ordered his national security staff to submit a report on the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. His team had 90 days to review the virus’s origins, before submitting a report this week. This deadline has been so overshadowed by the crisis in Afghanistan that few have paid attention to it. But Beijing certainly has.

“What the U.S. cares about is not facts, but how to consume and malign China,” said Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zhao Lijian on August 18. “The international community…is sparing no effort to smear China by all means. Is it trying to deflect people’s attention from the questionable points and spotty track records of the bio labs at Fort Detrick? What is the U.S. trying to hide?”

Zhao Lijian, one of China’s brashest defenders, demonstrated once again that Beijing’s “wolf warrior diplomacy” remains fully mobilized, despite Xi Jinping’s June instruction to try to “control the… [Continue Reading]