By Jianli Yang & Austin Lin – Mar 06, 2023

On Feb. 28, 2023, responding to the Energy Department’s new conclusion that an accidental laboratory leak in China is the most likely cause of the coronavirus pandemic, the Washington Post columnist Leana S. Wen published an op-ed, “We are asking the wrong question about the origins of covid.” She was right that we should do our best to reduce two sources of future pandemics: 1) zoonotic diseases, spread from animals to humans; and 2) lab biosafety. We further agree with her that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has actively obstructed the investigation of the origin of COVID. Not only that, the CCP has jailed brave Chinese journalists who reported on pandemic-related events in Wuhan and spread false rumors that COVID originated in Fort Detrick in America.

We do disagree strongly with Wen when she shifts the focus immediately away from the need for an in-depth investigation of the epidemic’s origin. We owe it to more than a million Americans who died from COVID, and millions more worldwide. It is certain that we can learn much more about the origin question even without the CCP’s cooperation. There is relevant information held by the National Institutes of Health, the EcoHealth Alliance and the Baric Lab (affiliated with the University of North Carolina and partners of the Wuhan researchers). The FBI now has “moderate confidence” that the source is a lab leak, a conclusion reached in part by looking at documents related to EcoHealth Alliance. Last week, the Department of Energy moved from “undecided” to leaning leak due to new intelligence. Therefore, a 9-11 style independent commission could go a long way by merging information from all these agencies… [Continue Reading]