By Jianli Yang, Austin Lin & Bradley A. Thayer – Dec 21, 2022

The recent “Blank Paper” movement forced the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to adjust their Covid prevention policy, from adhering to the “dynamic zero” policy to not mentioning “zero Covid” all literally overnight. Looking back at the evolution of the pandemic over the past three years and the experience of various countries in their public health measures, it can be

clearly seen that the sudden Covid policy change introduced by CCP after the Blank Paper movement should have been implemented more than two years ago, so whose fault is it that it was delayed until today? Who is to blame for the painful price paid by the Chinese during Zero-Covid and the current massive Covid wave that is hitting the Chinese population now? Not to

mention that the absurdity of the sudden policy change deserves a full scrutiny all by itself.

Recently, international public health experts, medical professional bodies and the media have been pointing out that on the one hand the Zero-Covid policy is anti-scientific, anti-common sense and anti-humane and therefore unsustainable, and that lifting it is the right thing to do, but on the other hand, China will face a huge outbreak after lifting the Zero-Covid in an

uncontrolled manner, with a dramatic increase in the number of infections and deaths in the near future.

To illustrate the current vulnerability of China to the new coronavirus Omicron strain, The Economist has created a model which predicts that if the virus spreads unchecked, China’s infection rate will peak at 45 million per day, approximately 680,000 people will die, and the demand for intensive care beds will reach 410,000, almost seven times the capacity of China. Other media and professional organizations have made similar or more serious predictions… [Continue Reading]