It’s censorship season in Beijing

Jianli Yang – November 3, 2021

It’s crackdown season for China with the launch of the new “Five Year Governance Plan” by President Xi Jinping’s Communist Party, chiefly targeting the private sector.

Over the past few weeks, the Chinese government has unveiled a series of plans that are seen to further consolidate the CCP’s control over the media. In early October, China’s National Development and Reform Commission released its “Negative Market Access List (2021 Edition),” which includes a new prohibition on “illegal news and media-related businesses.” The list explicitly prohibits the use of non-public capital for the following purposes: to fund news gathering, editing and broadcasting; to invest in the establishment and operation of news organizations; or to operate the webpages, radio frequencies, television channels, newspaper columns, and social media accounts of news organizations.

It can be said that the Chinese Communist Party has left no stone unturned in its brazen censorship efforts, from Big Tech behemoths to the entertainment industry, and… [Continue Reading]