By: Jianli Yang – December 27, 2021

Earlier this month, President Biden hosted the Summit for Democracy, bringing together the world’s democratic nations and those struggling for freedom against authoritarian dictatorships. It was an important, much-needed initiative that infuriated Beijing and Moscow. But it is only a beginning. Bringing allies together to talk is the first step, but ultimately, it must lead to action.

This summit was followed by a gathering of G7 foreign ministers convened by the new British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss, who proposed building “a network of liberty” to defend and promote freedom, democracy and human rights worldwide. Her recognition of China and Russia as the biggest threats to freedom and her call to allies “to take a stand against aggressors” is a timely signal the democratic world is waking up.

Both these initiatives were preceded by the judgment by the independent Uyghur Tribunal that Chinese President Xi Jinping is committing torture, crimes against humanity and genocide in China’s Xinjiang province…. [Continue Reading]