By: Jianli Yang – July 5, 2021

Not much has been going right for China and its President Xi Jinping since December 2019.

The world took notice of its ruthless actions in Hong Kong, Tibet, and its criminal treatment of Turkic minority Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, with some defining it as genocide. And then Coronovirus erupted in Wuhan Province, fueling a global pandemic.

Internally, China‘s economy has faced unprecedented challenges and an undercurrent of unrest has emerged because of rampant unemployment. Today, countries always eager to pursue trade with China‘s massive market are reconsidering their relationships. And others angered by China‘s uncalled-for aggression, its neighbors in and around the South China Sea and India, are pushing back. China got caught in a trade and tariff war with the United States. Tempers flared and restlessness is now the norm… [Continue Reading]