By: Jianli Yang, Aug 21, 2023

In the realm of international security, the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, or the “Quad,” stands as a robust framework uniting Australia, India, Japan and the United States. Among these four nations, India, while often appearing out of step in certain military matters, is poised to play an indispensable role in one of the most significant security challenges the Quad may confront — a potential Chinese incursion into Taiwan.

Beyond the debates and discussions regarding the formation of joint or theater commands, India’s armed forces have embarked on a strategic assessment aimed at delineating the country’s potential options and responses should China invade or attack Taiwan.

The catalyst for this initiative was Chief of Defense Staff Anil Chauhan’s directive, issued at a high-level military conclave in July in Lucknow. The objective is to be prepared with a range of options should a conflict over Taiwan erupt… [Continue Reading]