China is using its strategic advantage in rare earth minerals as leverage against U.S.

By Jianli Yang – April 10, 2023

As a longtime China analyst and watchdog, I am gravely concerned that electric vehicle manufacturers appear to be inadvertently selling America’s national security to the Chinese Communist Party.

It was just weeks ago that Ford, Tesla and other automakers struck the ire of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Federal Communications Commission and members of Congress for removing AM radios from their cars. America’s public safety leaders sent letters to these automakers and key decision-makers voicing their concerns over how the removal of AM is likely to disrupt the effectiveness of the National Public Warning system, the federal government’s tried-and-true way of reaching the public in emergencies. They also received scrutiny from taxpayer advocates, who criticized them for taking billions of dollars in government subsidies and incentives yet refusing to resolve their motors’ interference with the AM receivers.

Now, these EV makers are again receiving condemnation for inadvertently endangering America’s national security, but this time, their behavior… [Continue Reading]