430,000 on Avaaz.org8,500 on Citizen Power for China690 on Moveon.org

Two more campaigns recently launched on Avaaz.org and Moveon.org, challenging China’s up coming election to UN Human Rights Council.

On Avaaz.org campaign, there are more than 430,000 signatures collected. This campaign requests the UN Members States to “ask China for specific and monitorable commitments” on Tibetan human rights issues “as it seeks votes to return to the UN Human Rights Council.

The other campaign is hosted on moveon.org, with 690+ signatures collected, directing to President Obama, asking to block China from UNHRC.

The original campaign launched by Citizen Power for China, with so far over 8,500 signatures collected, also challenged China’s up coming election to UNHRC.

Please join the petition by the following instruction:

– For Tibetans, Uyghurs, Mongolians, Han Chinese from territories controlled by P. R. China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, please sign petition at Avaaz.org and  Citizen Power for China.

– For American citizens, please sign petition at Avaaz.org and Moveon.org.

– For citizens of other countries, please sign petition at Avaaz.org.