According to foreign media reports, VISUAL CHINA, a company with Chinese government ties, recently acquired Corbis, a photograph and video footage licensing company founded by Bill Gates.  Visual China has bought the copyrights of nearly 50 million original photographs, including a large number of photos taken on the site of the 1989 Tiananmen massacre and the well-known photo of “Wang Weilin Blocking the Tank”.
This development has caused great concern in China and across the world, with people worrying that this move is likely to lead to many Tiananmen massacre photos being sealed or destroyed.  Clearly, the CCP’s dollar politics has penetrated from diplomacy into commercial arenas.   They are trying to cover up the evidence of their crimes through legitimate commercial means.
On December 10, 2015, the fifth anniversary of Liu Xiaobo’s winning of the Nobel peace prize, we launched two worldwide campaigns. One is the Campaign to Inscribe the Tiananmen the Massacre on the UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register, and the other is the Campaign to Seek Truth About the Two Tiananmen Tank Men.
We need to act as quickly as possible to avoid additional documents being directly and indirectly controlled by the Chinese Communists.  Please send any Tiananmen Massacre-related literature, videos and photographs  For non-electronic materials, please send to
Initiatives for China
1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 410
Washington, DC20009
The photo of the tank man Wang Weilin could be completely sealed; however, as a hero fighting against the totalitarian rule, he is the witness to the massacre and the crimes committed by CCP.  The more desperate the CCP is to hide their crimes, the more we need to speed up the signature drive to find the two tank men, because we cannot let the hero fall, justice become undone, or history become twisted.
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