By Jianli Yang & Bradley A. Thayer – Dec 29, 2022

China’s dramatic change in its COVID policies could have deleterious consequences for the world’s population: We may face the prospect of a new wave of the virus that will have an enormous impact on public health, three years after the start of the pandemic. The Chinese government seems to have “the Midas touch” in reverse when it comes to COVID-19 — everything it touches turns into a disaster.

To this day, China has not revealed the origin of the pandemic, after denying epidemiologists critical information that might have weakened the outbreak in late 2019 and early 2020. China still censors information regarding COVID’s origin in Wuhan and has not acknowledged misinforming the World Health Organization (WHO) about the respiratory transmission of the virus — falsehoods that were spread by the WHO.

The Chinese government does not publish accurate statistics regarding the pandemic, the vaccine it produced, and the effectiveness of other vaccines developed in the West. It absurdly underestimates the number of Chinese people suffering from COVID, as well as those who have died from it. The lack of medical and epidemiological professionalism exercised by the Chinese government is done to protect the rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but it enables… [Continue Reading]