By: Jianli Yang – Jul 31, 2023

This year, Congress has generated significant media headlines for minimizing the troves of data Big Tech collects on the American people. It’s even considering banning Chinese apps, such as TikTok, that risk empowering the Chinese Communist Party at the expense of this country’s safety and security. What hasn’t received as many headlines, however, is nearly a quarter of the legislative branch’s quest to keep AM radios in Americans’ vehicles through the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act, which readers may be surprised to hear is just as crucial for squelching this data threat.

In an effort to suck up as much of their drivers’ data as possible, some electric vehicle makers are removing AM radios from their car dashes. This is because AM radio does not collect data on listeners, and it’s not trackable like the new digital infotainment systems are. Removing AM radio — as opposed to protecting consumer choice by resolving the interference that their EV motors cause with the AM signal, as other automakers have done — is allowing some car companies to maximize the data they can collect, use, and sell, but at what cost?… [Continue Reading]