By: Jianli Yang & Aaron Rhodes | Dec 08, 2020
President-elect Joe Biden has signaled that restoring relations with the World Health Organization (WHO) will be among his first acts as president. But to do so unconditionally would be to pass up opportunities to reform the organization and help it escape from the grip of China’s communist government.

President Trump’s decision to leave the WHO came abruptly, but it was far from arbitrary. The United Nations agency had not registered previously among international organizations the administration has targeted. The United States was a founder of the WHO in 1948, and American contributions to the agency’s efforts — in terms of both financial and human capital — have been indispensable. Even the most ardent nationalists and anti-globalists would be hard-pressed to deny that the goal of protecting public health warrants, and requires, an international monitoring, research and assistance organization… [continue reading…]