In his quest for ‘zero-COVID,’ Xi inflicted severe pain on the Chinese population

By Jianli Yang and Austin Lin | June 20, 2022

China’s financial center and its largest metropolis, Shanghai, announced in early June that it is finally phasing out its harshest “zero-COVID” lockdown after more than two months.

While many headlines focus on the heavy economic tolls the lockdown has had on the Chinese economy and the global supply chain, underreported is the invisible traumas inflicted on the population.

Roughly 25 million residents became prisoners in their own homes, many hauled away to quarantine centers without any recourse, COVID-positive babies forcibly separated from parents, some starved as there were food shortages, and the sick and elderly lost access to life-saving medical treatments. The cumulative effect on this mega-city is learned helplessness on a massive scale. Consequently, there may be a long-lasting impact on the outlook of the populace, especially its middle class… [Continue Reading]