The Fifth

Interethnic / Interfaith Leadership Conference

Set for Washington, D.C.

October 8-10

Leaders of ethnic and religious groups of China to convene for three-day conference to promote understanding, respect, and cooperation.

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Conference convenes as the  Peoples Republic of China marks its 60th Anniversary and President Obama and President Hu Jintao of China prepare for November Summit.

Washington, DC. September 17, 2009. On behalf of the sponsors and cosponsors, Initiatives for China announced today that the Fifth Interethnic / Interfaith Leadership Conference will be held at Trinity Washington University, October 8-10. A year in  planning and under the theme of “Advancing the Quest for Understanding and Cooperation,” delegates from the rainbow of ethnic and religious groups of contemporary China will explore their common humanity and mutual goals in the quest for their rights and liberties as distinct peoples.In framing the Conference, Dr. Yang Jianli, Fellow, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and President of Initiatives for China, remarked “This conference is one of the very few opportunities for such diverse groups, often divided by mistrust and misunderstanding, to come together to discover their common humanity and mutual quest for dignity and liberty”.


Initiatives for China Director, Jim Geheran, announced that the conference will include Tibetans, Uyghurs, Mongolians, Christians, Falun Gong Practitioners, Muslims, as well as delegates from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and Mainland China.  It will convene at Trinity Washington University (pictured above) under the sponsorship of the National Endowment for Democracy and leading ethnic and religious organizations (list of cosponsors listed in left column).The Conference follows the Fourth Assembly held last November at Harvard University which concluded in a Declaration of Unity by the delegates.  It is the goal of the Fifth Conference to build on that declaration by developing specific recommendations for reducing ethnic and religious tensions and advancing the rights and liberties of all peoples under the rule of the PRC.

In addition to general assemblies to hear distinguished speakers, delegate will participate in seminars under the guidance of trained facilitators, to explore specific issues common to their mutual goals and aspirations.

The conference is by invitation only.  Morning sessions will be open to the press.  Interviews with delegates can be arranged via the contact information below.


Contact Information

Jim Geheran, Director

Initiatives for China

202.290.1423 (O)  |  508.494.5682 (C)



Conference Sponsors

China Aid | Initiatives for China | International Campaign for Tibet
National Endowment for Democracy
Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center
Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation
World Uyghur Congress