Cultures, Religions & Universal Values

Declaration of Unity 

Approved by all delegates to the Sixth Interethnic/Interfaith Leadership Conference  in Los Angeles on May 2nd, 2011

We, the delegates to the Sixth Interethnic/Interfaith Leadership Conference, who are Chinese, Mongolians, Tibetans, Uyghur, Manchurian, Christians, Falungong practitioners and others from Taiwan, Hong Kong, America, Europe, Australia, Mainland China and other regions

After a sincere consultation and extensive exchange of views

Declare our agreement on interethnic issues and future goals as follows:

1.     We uphold the universal values, oppose any form of racial, religious and political discrimination or oppression, and firmly believe these values have become the driving force for peace and democracy that bridges racial and geographic boundaries, offering an optimistic future for all mankind. 

2.     We hold that the effective way to eliminate misunderstanding is through communication and exchange of views, and we therefore support mutual understanding through interethnic dialogue based on equality.

3.     We hold that respect for the unique values of each race, region and religion is a necessity for mankind’s cultural diversity, and is a reflection of the values of democracy, freedom, human rights and equality, and that our unique ethnic culture also enhances our imagination and creativity, becoming a rich material and spiritual source for society as a whole. 

4.     We hold that taking actions as a whole based on our shared ideas may increase our chances of success, and we therefore pledge to form a human rights coalition to support each other and fight against any human rights violation and racial discrimination. 

5.     We note that the Chinese Government crackdowns on political, religious and ethnic activists occur with greater frequency and increasing brutality, and we appeal to the international community to take with great seriousness the community’s concerns over these atrocities and act now to stop them. 

6.     We hold that individual human rights abusers should be morally condemned and legally punished, and we commit to coordinating our action to seek justice through international mechanisms against those individuals. 

7.     We hold that China’s democratic transformation is the key to stopping human rights violations, racial discrimination and threats to regional peace and we shall therefore uphold the principle of non-violence to strengthen civil society and promote the democratization process. 

We pledge to increase information exchange and communication among us in accordance with the above principles to achieve the above goals, and pledge to spread these ideas to each member of our ethnic and religious communities. We believe that our shared dream will soon become reality through our actions based on the universal ideals of peace, freedom and democracy that lead to mutual trust and assistance.