On August 22, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a 42-page dossier (China Dossier to International Media) on Hong Kong’s “anti-extradition bill” protests to international media such as the British Broadcasting Corporation, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, and the Japan Broadcasting Association. The dossier gave a false account of the origin, development, and status quo of the protests in Hong Kong. It cited a May 2015 report by the CCP-controlled Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, using slanderous remarks such as “riot leaders”, “anti-China”, “separatist”, “spy” to smear Citizen Power Initiatives for China (CPIFC) and its founder and president, Dr. Yang Jianli. It also calumniated the InterEthnic/InterFaith Leadership Conferences sponsored by CPIFC and the participants of the conferences from Hong Kong. CPIFC strongly protests and condemns the despicable acts of Chinese Foreign Ministry by using the government’s discourse hegemony to make unwarranted allegations and defamation to civic organizations and individuals.

CPIFC is a non-governmental organization dedicated to peacefully promoting China’s human rights progress and achieving constitutional democracy. Its founder and president, Dr. Yang Jianli, is a believer and advocate of non-violence and a practitioner of non-violent resistance strategies. All CPIFC members and our work have nothing to do with violence or riots. CPIFC advocates and practices “sunshine politics” and abandons “conspiracy and dark politics”. We never serve for any country’s intelligence systems. The series of InterEthnic/InterFaith Leadership Conferences sponsored by CPIFC was founded in 2000 by Dr. Yang Jianli, then President of Foundation for China in the 20th Century, a direct by-product of the 1989 Democracy Movement and the June 4th Massacre. Shortly after its establishment, the foundation dedicated to promoting dialogue and exchanges between Han Chinese and Tibetans and achieved many favorable results. Based on this, Dr. Yang Jianli founded the InterEthnic/InterFaith Leadership Conferences to provide a platform for dialogue and collaboration among young human rights leaders from various ethnic groups directly related to China, including Han, Tibet, Uygur and Mongolia, etc. and religious groups such as Christians and Falun Gong practitioners. The participants of the conferences come from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, etc. The InterEthnic/InterFaith leadership conferences have been held 13 times. The training of non-violent principles and strategies is one of the main contents of the InterEthnic/InterFaith Leadership Conferences. All the groups and individuals who participated in the conferences firmly believe that the CCP’s one-party dictatorship is the common enemy of all ethnic, religious and regional groups, and we are committed to jointly promoting human rights progress and the realization of democracy and freedom in China. The InterEthnic/InterFaith Leadership Conferences are against the CCP’s authoritarian government, but we are not against China, nor do we have anything to do with “separatism.”

Facing Hong Kong’s protests for the rule of law and the “one country, two systems”, the Chinese Communist regime does not respond to the legitimate demands of Hong Kongers. Instead, it blames human rights activists and so-called hostile foreign forces, showing its extreme stubbornness, panic and weakness.

CPIFC will, as always, uphold the principles of peace, rationality and non-violence and support Hong Kongers in defending the rule of law and their rights and freedoms.