On September 9th, Citizen Power Initiatives for China (CPIFC) and other 19 NGOs in United States proposed a human-chain rally, at the Chinese embassy on September 29th, to protest the 70 year ruling of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and to support free Hong Kong. Two days later, Russian state media, Russia Today (RT) published an unauthored article falsely accusing this human-chain rally is sponsored by funds from the U.S. Government, and also twisting the rally’s nature as “[calling] for an independent Hong Kong”. RT’s article also stated that the “movement in Hong Kong is backed not only by American politicians, but also by American money.”

​​This human-chain rally, scheduled at the Chinese embassy prior to the 70th anniversary of CCP ruling, will be themed with “Chinazi” flags and banners. Hong Kong Protests have created #Chinazi, a wordplay hashtag of “China” and “Nazism,” which is trending on Twitter across the globe. The 20 Human Rights NGOs in the United States hope that using the same protesting concept in front of the Chinese Embassy can amplify Hong Kong’s voice for freedom and alert the international community on CCP’s nationalist rulings.

RT accused such event, and other international support for Hong Kong’s freedom, is orchestrated by the U.S. Government. RT’s twisted report on this scheduled rally has further shaped the two camps of the new “cold war” era: the democracies and the totalitarians. Except this time, the totalitarian side’s new big brother is the Chinese Communist Party instead of Soviet Russia.

CPIFC states that, the human-chain rally at the Chinese Embassy on September 29th, is not and will not be sponsored by any funding from the United States government or any other government bodies. CPIFC supports Hong Kong people’s struggle for freedom, democracy, and their rights of self-determination. We condemn RT and Russian government to collude with the Chinese Communist Party to distort the democratic movement of Hong Kong, and smear the freedom loving people’s support from outside of Hong Kong.

CPIFC is a non-governmental organization dedicated to peacefully promoting China’s human rights progress and achieving constitutional democracy. Its founder and president, Dr. Yang Jianli, is a believer and advocate of non-violence and a practitioner of non-violent resistance strategies. All CPIFC members and our work have nothing to do with violence or riots.