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Unopposed China Elected for UNHRC

Citizen Power for China Statement on UNHRC Membership Voting. 

Nov. 13, 2013


NEW YORK – Despite international criticism of China’s policies on freedom of expression, rule of law, suppression of ethnic minorities, and labor re-education, China was elected unopposed to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) this Tuesday. The UN General Assembly voted China to join Cuba, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, among others, for a three-year term on the 47-nation council.


Citizen Power for China, (CPFC, aka Initiatives for China), greatly regrets the UN General Assembly’s surrender of influence over human rights administration to China’s Communist regime. The election comes as the regime continues to viciously imprison political activists, such as venture capitalist and human rights supporter Wang Gongquan, who last month joined Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo and tens of thousands of other political prisoners in the regime’s dungeons. The regime continues to arrest international reporters, such as BBC and AFP reporters in last month’s Tiananmen Square crash, in its overarching campaign to curb free political expression and government accountability.


Prior to Tuesday’s vote, CPFC joined over one million people in staunch opposition against the regime’s UNHRC membership through its international signatory campaign. The campaign proved the unity of the vastly diverse victims of the regime’s policies, as thousands of Ughyurs, Tibetans, Mongols, and Hans, among others, petitioned their individual cases for the world. Dr. Yang Jianli, President of CPFC, further laid the groundwork for a silent protest at the UN General Assembly vote. The protest was ultimately unsuccessful when Dr. Yang was denied his entry privileges during the vote.


We call for the regime to honor and effectively implement its pledges made to the UNHRC in gaining membership: Its promises include strengthening democratic institutions and development, ensuring civil and political rights, protecting its minority groups, and abiding by rule of law. Given the regime’s stubborn opposition to these very principles, UNHRC nations must undeniably remain wary of false assurances.

Initiatives for China Team,

Yang Jianli, Han Lianchao, John King, Burt Wides, Daniel Gong, David Fu, Cao Yaxue, Jianying Wang, Duan Chao, Zhang Wen, Yang Yuhan, Monica Chiang,