We stand in solidarity with Hong Kong’s fight for their freedoms and rights as the city has found itself engulfed by an unprecedented governance crisis.
We urge the Government of Hong Kong to meet the demands for democratic governance of Hong Kong people and respect their rights to defend the universal values of human rights and democracy, which are enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 
We denounce the escalation of police brutality and arbitrary use of force against peaceful protesters, reporters, first-aiders, and ordinary citizens of Hong Kong. We believe it is in China’s interest to show the global community; it is not an enemy of open society and democracy. 
We believe it is the obligation of the Government of Hong Kong to uphold electoral integrity for the on-going District Council election. We are concerned that the Government of Hong Kong has not ruled out or rejected calls by the pro-government parties to postpone or cancel the election. It has yet to address the widespread concerns about the arbitrariness of the disqualification of prospective candidates. 
China has been using its business and political leverage worldwide, in an attempt to suppress international discussion on the issue of Hong Kong. China has attempted to boycott the National Basketball Association (NBA), as they exercise their freedom of speech, and supporting the people of Hong Kong. ICDR also stands with the freedom of speech worldwide, and we condemn China’s attempt in the suppression of such freedom.
We are alarmed that President Xi has recently threatened that any attempt to “split China” will “end in crushed bodies and shattered bone.” This indicates that Beijing might not be trying to de-escalate the situation in Hong Kong and will continue to threaten Taiwan’s democracy.
We close by urging the international community to stand with Hong Kong and support the people of Hong Kong in the face of an increasingly oppressive environment.