For Immediate Release
Washington DC
March 17, 2020

Citizen Power Initiatives for China (CPIFC) announces the launch of a class action lawsuits against Chinese Messaging service WeChat for its efforts on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party ranging from pushing wrong information on the current Coronavirus to harassment, monitoring and worse on individual Chinese citizens.
Since the beginning of preparations for the lawsuits, CPIFC has received much information from individuals and organizations with their individual experiences with WeChat.

With over a billion users, WeChat is owned by China based Tencent holdings and is the main messaging, banking and communication platform used by Chinese.

It was WeChat that led the harassment of Wuhan Dr. Li Wenliang and seven colleagues who were those who initially reported on the Wuhan virus and were mercilessly attacked over the messaging service, and ultimately Dr. Wenliang lost his life to the very virus he sought to warn about.

Instead of modifying their efforts on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party as a result of the death off Dr. Wenliang and the dramatic growth of the Wuhan Virus, WeChat had doubled down their surveillance and harassment efforts. The accounts of Professor Zhao Shilin, Professor Xu Zhangrui and others, for example, who have written on the Wuhan virus have been shut down for ever.

I am glad to announce that three litigation attorneys are leading the effort. CPICF is appealing for assistance with individual experiences of those who have used WeChat as well as those who would like to assist in the effort to call WeChat out for their efforts on behalf of the Chinese Communist Regime.

Jianli Yang
Founder and President of Citizen Power Initiatives for China
A Survivor of the Tiananmen Massacre and Former Political Prisoner of China