By: Dr. HAN Lianchao

Evidence shows that the Chinese communist regime has become the biggest threat to the US and the free world. This threat is real and very very serious. Unfortunately many people still haven’t realized the magnitude, scoop and seriousness of this threat. The engagement and appeasement advocates continue to push for their failed China policy.

Therefore it is our duty to inform and educate the American public and decision makers what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) really is, what it intends to do, why it is so dangerous.

Despite its deceptive cover as a governance structure, the CCP, in essence, is nothing but the world’s largest evil cult. In fact, it is the largest organized crime group in the world. Over it’s 70 years in power, the CCP has killed tens of millions of people.When Xi Jinping came to power as president, the regime became even more repressive in ways different and more nefarious than those who were in power during the the Cultural Revolution. Xi has been cracking down on any dissent and closing up any vestige of civil society. The inhumane Uyghur internment camps is but one example. He is weaponizing surveillance by using technology stolen from this country to build a massive system consisting of the Skynet, Smart City, and Sharp-eye to spy on every citizen in an effort to eliminate any chance of uprisings against the party-state.

What’s more, the CCP has been pushing its repressive totalitarian party-state model globally. Its political and economic influence has expanded rapidly and reached every corner of the world. It is a virus that is spreading to developing countries, destroying democracies and the free world as we know it.

Why does the CCP do this? Despite couching its agenda in terms such as  “modernization,” “China dream,” “national rejuvenation,” and “shared destination of mankind,” the CCP’s strategic goal has never changed, and it has always been to defeat the United States in both wartime and peacetime to gain world dominance. It wants to replace capitalism with socialism with Chinese characteristics, and replace western civilization with Chinese communist civilization.

To achieve this, the CCP has a comprehensive and coherent grand strategy and action plan. It even has a timetable to get this done by 2049, the 100th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.

If we don’t take the Communist China threat seriously, the US will be outmaneuvered and outmatched across all contested areas. In this life and death war between good and evil, freedom and repression, democracy and dictatorship, we really have no choice but to fight to win the day.