Xi Jinping wishes to defeat “Color Revolutions” by defeating the United States

Xi’s Color Revolution Obsession

By: Jianli Yang & Xueli Wang – Aug 29, 2022

By: Jianli Yang & Xueli Wang – Aug 29, 2022

China’s leader Xi Jinping had, in conversations with the then U.S. President Barack Obama over a decade ago, spoken of China being the target of “color revolutions” (New York Times, Aug. 7, 2022) — a phrase adopted from Russia, ostensibly to show how the West engineered revolutions in former Soviet territories.

This wasn’t Xi Jinping’s first complaint. During a visit to Mexico three years earlier, he bitterly vented his rage: “A few foreigners, with full bellies, have nothing better to do but point fingers at us. China does not export revolution, hunger, or poverty; nor does China mess around. What else do you require from us?”

China does not export revolution; however, the West attempts to export color revolutions to China. That is how Xi perceives the West, and, in particular, the United States… [Continue Reading]

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