By: Wen Jian – Mar 15, 2022

To wage war requires money, and the money that China receives from trade with Europe, America, and Japan can help Russia continue its attack on Ukraine. So the West must consider how to impose costs on Beijing so that it stops supporting Russia economically.

According to China’s Ministry of Commerce, the country is Russia’s largest trading partner, as trade between the two countries in 2021 reached $146.87 billion. China is also a massive investor in Russia. In the more than nine years since Xi Jinping took power, his country has invested more than one trillion dollars in Russia. Ultimately, the primary sources of these funds are from the United States, Europe, and Japan.

In 2021, China exported $3.36 trillion worth of goods, of which 3,722.44 billion renminbi (RMB, roughly $590 billion) was earned from exporting to… [Continue Reading]