By: Jianli Yang & Yan Yu – July 8th, 2022

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin recently spoke by phone for the second time since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. After the call, each government issued its own statement which display how each government’s strategic goals have changed as the war progresses. In its statement, Russia raised the “historically unprecedented” nature of the current Sino-Russian relationship, while Xi cheered the “legality of Russia’s special military operation.” Without question, Putin hopes to hitch his chariot to Xi as Russia remains stuck in the Ukraine mire by obtaining meaningful military and economic support from China. As for China, its statement eschewed such pointed language, expressing instead only tactful verbal support. Xi has always tried to benefit from the war here and now while at the same time laying a strategic foundation for the achievement of his country’s long-term ambitions. This has become more difficult from Xi Jinping’s point of view, given the war’s expansion in the face of strong opposition from much of the world. So how can China still gain from the conflict without becoming another target of such opposition… [Continue Reading]