For Immediate Release
Dr. Jianli Yang
(857) 472-9039

Approximately 9 PM local time on January 28th, prominent Chinese dissident Mr. Guo Feixiong was preparing to board a United Airlines Flight from the Shanghai Pudong Airport to the United States to be with his ill wife who had just completed the first part of cancer surgery, when the airport customs informed him that he was barred from leaving the country on national security grounds.

Mr. Guo is currently on a hunger strike at the airport demanding to be allowed to be with his ill wife.

Mr. Guo had earlier written letters to the Chinese Premier and Minister of Public Security appealing for travel on humanitarian grounds and received a Passport, but two days before leaving the country was requested to sign an “agreement” which he believed to be illegal.

Citizen Power Initiatives for China calls on the international community to support Mr. Guo on humanitarian grounds so that he can be with his seriously ill wife and call on the Chinese Government to immediately allow him to leave to be with his ill wife Zhang Qing.