Please Help Us with the “Tank Man” Statue Project-making the 20th century’s icon image of a single man defying tyranny forever imbedded in the memory of the world

On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre we launch this “Tank Man” statute campaign, hoping to bring to life this unidentified but most iconic young Chinese man who blocked the path of a column of People’s Liberation Army’s tanks that were heading down Chang’an Avenue in Beijing near Tiananmen Square on June 5, 1989, the day after hundreds or thousands protesters were killed. 

The image of the Tank Man has since become a symbol of the 1989 pro-democracy protest, as well as a symbol of human courage and non-violent resistance against oppression worldwide. Time Magazine named the Tank Man one of the “Most Important People of the Century,” stating that “with a single act of defiance, alone Chinese hero revived the world’s image of courage.” The Tank Man’s heroic act has inspired many countries and communities in the world to create their own “Tank Man” moments during their fights and struggles for freedom and human rights.

However, China’s state-led censorship created a collective amnesia in which new generations do not recognize the Tank Man nor the circumstances of his bravery. To establish a statute for the Tank Man, we can celebrate his life, recognize his act, preserve his legacy, safeguard the memory. 

Thomas Marsh, a well-known sculptor who was commissioned to create the world-first Victims of Communist Memorial statute will design, sculpt, create molds, and have cast in bronze life-sized one standing figure of the “Tank Man,” based on the iconic images captured near Tiananmen Square on June 5 1989 which will be unveiled in 2019. 

Thomas Marsh will also create a gypsum cement casting of this sculpture, with appropriate coloration, suitable for the dedication ceremony planned for June 4, 2019. The molds will be permanent casting molds, suitable for future castings and will become the property of Initiatives for China. As part of the permanent placing of the Tank Man sculpture, Thomas Marsh will create a simplified 2-dimensional image of the tanks, printed or drawn on canvas, or possibly in another material, which will be suitable for exhibition along with the statue.

While this campaign will be flex-funded, we have a hard goal of raising $150,000, with half of that fund going straight to Thomas March’s work, and the remaining part for finding the statute an appropriate permanent home in Washington, D.C. , inscribing the Tank Man to UNESCO Memory of the World, and making replica statutes at a 7″ size which will be shipped to each funder who will contribute $1000.00 or more to this project.

There are three methods to contribute to this important project:
Send in Check to Initiatives for China 415 2nd Street NE. Suite 100. Washington, D.C. 20002
Thank you,
YANG Jianli Ph.D.
Survivor of the Tiananmen Massacre, Former Prisoner of Conscience of China
Founder and President of Citizen Power Initiatives for China






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