November 14, 2014

During the past 50 days, numerous Hong Kong residents and students have joined the umbrella movement, demanding universal suffrage. These protesters have demonstrated courageous morality and a resilient commitment to non-violence that has won wide respect from the international community. Despite all efforts from the students, the Hong Kong government refuses to budge.

We remain skeptical of the Hong Kong government’s promise to present to the central government the current situations regarding Beijing’s August 31 decision to reject full Hong Kong democracy. At the same time, Hong Kong government has intentionally demonized the umbrella movement for its commitment to democracy and universal suffrage. These acts of the Hong Kong government have blocked the passage to achieve a breakthrough by both parties for promoting democracy. Under these circumstances, it is a right decision for the Hong Kong students to travel to Beijing to appeal to the Central Government and for a possible dialogue with the Central Government. Peaceful Hong Kong Initiative groups have no reservation to support this rational initiative. We welcome and appreciate such an active move and tactics.

However, we must realize that such an appeal to Beijing would be a big challenge full of risks, difficulties and even dangers. The official Chinese state-run newspaper, the Global Times has criticized this appeal and labeled it illegal, hinting further blockage to this student-led initiative seeking universal suffrage in Hong Kong. In order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the appeal initiative by Hong Kong students, we call for global attention to this peaceful move, urging the Chinese government to respect the legitimate rights of the Chinese citizens guaranteed by the Chinese constitution. The government should allow the students to travel to Beijing and ensure their personal safety. The Chinese government should be genuine in carrying out this dialogue with students from Hong Kong.


Initiating Organization:

公民力量 (Citizen Power for China/Initiatives for China)
港加聯 (Canada-Hong Kong Link)
讓愛與和平佔領中環多倫多支援會 (Occupy Central with Love and Peace Toronto Support Group)
溫哥華支援民主運動聯合會 (Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement)
對華援助協會 (ChinaAid)
中國民主教育基金會 (Chinese Democratic Education Foundation)
北京之春 (Beijing Spring)
自由西藏學生運動 (Students for Free Tibet)
南蒙古人權信息中心 (Southern Mongolia Human Rights Information Center)
維吾爾美國協會 (Uygur American Association)
民主中國陣線 (Federation for a Democratic China)
全球支持中國和亞洲民主化論壇 (Global Support for Democratization in China and Asia)
民主中國聯合陣線 (Alliance for a Democratic China)
中國共和黨 (Chinese Republican Party)
中國社會民主黨 (China Social Democratic Party)
加拿大價值守護者聯盟 (Alliance of the Guard of Canadian Value)
中國民主黨全國聯合總部 (China Democracy Party United Headquarter )
悉尼民主平臺 (Sydney Democracy Platform)
中國民主團結聯盟 (Chinese Alliance for Democracy)
齊氏文化基金會 (The Qi’s Cultural Foundation)
全美學自聯 (Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars)
中國綠黨 (China Green Party)
臺灣關懷中國人權聯盟 (Taiwan Association for China Human Rights)
島國前進 (Taiwan March)
臺灣勞工陣線協會 (Taiwan Labour Front)
社團法人自由通訊傳播協會 (Association for Free Communication)
福爾摩鯊會社 (Formoshark)
臺灣青年反共救國團(Taiwan Youth Anti-Communist National Salvation Corps)
臺灣維吾爾之友會 (Taiwan friends of Uyghur)
獨臺新社 (Taiwan Independence Reformation)
臺灣促進和平基金會 (Peacetime Foundation of Taiwan)
中華國際人權促進會 (Youth for Human Rights of the Republic of China)


Dr. YANG Jianli
(International Community, Oversea Democratic Movements)

Dr. TENG Biao (Chinese Human Rights, International Community)

Mr. HU Jia (Mainland China)

Mr. YANG Sen-hong (Taiwan)

Ms. Gloria Fung (International Community, Oversea Hong Kong Citizens)

Mr. TO Kwan Hang (Hong Kong)

Mr. Henry Chau (Oversea Hong Kong Citizens)

Mr. Scott Chiang (Macau)

Mr. Bob Fu (International Community, Christian Churches)

Ms. Theresa Chu (Taiwan)

Mr. Enghebatu Togochog (South Mongolia)

Ms. Zubayra Shamseden (Uyghur)

Ms. Tenzin Dolkar (Tibet)

Ms. Mary Yang (Taiwan)
+886 0920080320

Mr. ZHONG JinJiang (Australia)

Mr. ZHANG Xiaogang (Australia) 

Mr. PAN Yongzhong (Europe)