By: Jianli Yang – July 14, 2021

Discontent is brewing among both the employed and the jobless in China and the government is unable to mask it any longer. As the number of joblessness grows along with accompanying frustrations, the employed find it tougher to get accustomed to working because of stressful office and economic environments.

The urban unemployment rate in the country hovered around 5 percent in May 2021. It is considered adequate after it went up to 6.2 percent in February 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. The issue hardly found mention in President Xi Jinping’s address to the nation on the occasion of the centenary of the Chinese Communist Party two weeks ago.

If statistics are to be believed, the jobless rate is steadily coming down even if the fall is gradual. However, many of the hundreds upon thousands of fresh graduates continue to sit at home, looking for jobs. The rate of unemployment for the 16-24 age group is at 13.8 percent. Most of them do not possess skills needed in the manufacturing sector. The labor market for skilled workers looks skewed as well…[Continue Reading]