By Jianli Yang & Leslie Fu – May 18, 2023

From May 21 to May 30, the World Health Organization (WHO) will convene the 76th World Health Assembly (WHA). This year’s assembly will serve a vital role as a forum for the global community to consolidate its COVID-19 pandemic experience, formulate comprehensive measures for future epidemic prevention, and promote international cooperation in addressing public health challenges.

Taiwan is not a member of the United Nations or the WHO, and its applications to join both organizations have been repeatedly denied. Regrettably, Taiwan’s bid for observer status at this year’s WHA is also likely to be rebuffed. Taiwan’s continued exclusion not only illustrates the pervasive injustice in the current world order, but also poses a risk to global health. Exclusion from the upcoming WHA means that Taiwan will be prevented from sharing its comprehensive pandemic data at this important forum… [Continue Reading]