Message from Wang Bingzhang’s sister on the 30th Anniversary of TiananmenToday is the 30th anniversary of the June 4th massacre. My heart is very heavy.
Thirty years ago, a large number of China’s outstanding young students lost their precious lives for Chinese democracy, human rights and freedom. Their heroic act will be remembered forever by future generations.
I weep for the fallen of the 6.4 Massacre. I weep for the mothers of those fallen heroes. I weep for my own dear mother who shed tears every day, for she did not get a chance to see her dearest son Wang Bingzhang when she died.
My dear brother Wang Bingzhang is one of the pioneers of the Chinese democracy activists, but he has been jailed in Chinese prison for 17 years. Although the two primary charges imposed on him have been overthrown, China still holds Wang Bingzhang in solitary confinement, serving life imprisonment.
Wang Bingzhang is now 71 years old and has suffered strokes several times in Chinese prison. I sincerely hope that China releases him on humanitarian basis, so that Bingzhang can come home to us.
Julie Jinhuan WangJune 4, 2019




30年前的今天,大批优秀的青年学生,中华民族的精英为了中国民主,人权和自由献出了宝贵的生命. 他们的英雄事迹可歌可泣永远载入了人类历史流芳千古。

哭 64 吊亡灵,哭那些英雄的天安门母亲们, 也哭我亲爱的母亲, 我的母亲天天以泪流面,至死她也没见到她亲爱的儿子王炳章。