By Jianli Yang & Evan Osborne | September 07, 2022

If the Chinese people today could legitimately vote as a whole, they would, alas, probably not choose those with genuine skill in governance. Instead, they would repeatedly choose leaders who would abuse them while claiming to act in the name of the people. And when Chinese actually lack voting rights, how can they have any hope at all? This is precisely the circumstance China now faces. Given this, ever-more Chinese are taking the option of voting with their feet.

Emigration worldwide has at least two motivations. The first is to be pulled elsewhere by opportunities for emigrés or their families to live better, for example via better education for their children, more rewarding work, or the ability able to live in a superior society overall. For the talented in particular, who think they are capable of competing with the global elite, emigration can open the door to things that are available only outside China. For Chinese at the end of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty-first centuries, these themes were frequently discussed… [Continue Reading]