Ms. Christina Chan scheduled to arrive with food at Narita Airport, Terminal 1, South Wing, at 2:30 pm, Tokyo time

November 12, 2009

Brookline, MA  –

Initiatives for China has arranged for Hong Kong student, Christina Chan, to bring food and other necessities to  Chinese human rights lawyer, Mr. Feng Zhenghu, who has been stranded at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport since November 2, after he was denied entry into his native Shanghai and forcibly put on a plane back to Tokyo, Japan, where he voluntarily gave up his entry visa in protest to the Chinese government’s action.

Chinese authorities’ refusal to allow him into China was the eighth such incident that Feng has experienced at Shanghai Pudong Airport.  He is a well-known human rights attorney and activist, who spent three years as a political prisoner in China.

“This is a clear violation of  Article 13 paragraph 2  of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which China is a signatory,” said Dr. Yang Jianli, Initiatives for China President.” This illegal action by the Chinese government denies thousands of citizens such as Mr. Feng and myself from ever returning to our homes.

Ms. Chan is scheduled to arrive at 2:30pm, Tokyo time, at Terminal One, South Wing, where Mr. Feng is stranded.   He has been surviving with little food, no bathing facilities, and sleeping on seats in the Terminal One arrival area.

Initiatives for China is providing other activists with tickets to Tokyo in order to bring food and supplies to Feng.  “I am urging other travelers to help Mr. Feng, too, by providing food, by taking pictures, contacting the media, or doing whatever can bring attention to this unjust situation.  It has happened too many times to too many of us Chinese citizens,” said Yang.