The Hong Kong Government Must De-escalate the Current Situation to Avoid Bloodshed

Dear Friends in the World,

Hong Kong, a modern and civilised metropolitan, is now under humanitarian crisis. 88% of the population have suffered from tear gas. The Hong Kong police have shot nearly 10,000 rounds of tear gas, 1/5 of them were deployed in the Chinese University of Hong Kong last week. The excessive use of tear gas brings Hong Kong into a city of chemical pollution.

Worse still, bloodshed and crackdown are no longer a nightmare.

Tonight, the riot police blocked all exit of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and protestors are now unable to leave. With the tense atmosphere and escalation of the use of force by police, we worry that the protestors, most of whom are our young and future generation, will face arrest with bloodshed.

My dear friends, you may be disturbed by the violent scene on the TV screen. However, we invite you to go to the deep. Violence begets violence. The escalation of violence is inevitably attributed by the excessive use of force by police on 12 June, the inaction of law enforcement agency in the Yuen Long Gangs’ attack on 21 July, and the government’s continuous rejections to fulfil the five demands, including setting up an independent commission of inquiry to investigate police brutality. While this demand owns nearly 90% of popular support as reflected in public opinion survey, Carrie Lam insisted her objection in order to keep the morale of police force who have been accused of abusing its power and force.

No one wants to witness a crackdown in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It is so worrying that, since the current police commissioner will retire from 19 Nov onwards, the police officers do not mind doing ugly jobs that make the police commissioner accountable.

De-escalation is of paramount importance now.  We urge the Hong Kong government and Hong Kong police to de-escalate the situation and stop using any lethal force against protestors in the site. We also urge international community to join our appeal for de-escalation of state violence, and the retreat of riot police near the campus.

There are calls for all peaceful protestors in Hong Kong to stand up in solidarity with those who are in Polytechnic University. We call for everyone who are committed to solidarity, peace and justice to support each other in their possible ways, and do not give up in face of this crisis.

May glory and peace be with Hong Kong.

Civil Human Rights Front