By: Jianli Yang & Lianchao Han – Sep 14, 2022

This is the first time that Xi has stepped out of China in two and a half years since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in Wuhan. Xi seems to be going out of his way to embark on this international trip. After all, in theory, he should be laser-focused on the CCP’s 20th National Congress, during which he expects to be granted an unprecedented third consecutive presidential term, perhaps eventually becoming “emperor” for life. Of course, it’s generally ill-advised for world leaders to leave domestic soil at the helm at such a critical moment.

Therefore, in all likelihood, Xi must have a super-important agenda.

The escalation of U.S.–China tensions in recent years and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have led Xi Jinping to believe that in order to continue to achieve “the great rejuvenation of the great Chinese nation,” China must cultivate allies and gang up against the U.S. and its democratic allies around the world. This is good timing to begin realizing this idea in Eurasia because Beijing will undoubtedly be the “head honcho,” with a much weaker Russia as a junior partner… [Continue Reading]