By: Jianli Yang | Nov 01, 2022

A year ago, in early November 2021, on a visit to Taiwan, a member of a European Parliament delegation claimed that Europe “stands with you” on,” reminding the world of where EU-China relations stood in light of China’s human right violations and threat to democracy in Taiwan. Such tensions have intensified over the past year, resulting in such confusion and distress as the signal Scholz sends with his visit. While Scholz initially declined French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to embark on a joint-visit to the country, Scholz is now the first government head from Western Europe to visit Beijing since the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns took place.

Developments in China have been nothing short of historic over the past month for reasons that have sharped concerns about the country’s increasingly totalitarian politics, and how they portend conflict with Western democracies. The momentous 20th National Party Congress, confirmed Xi Jinping’s unprecedented third consecutive term in office as Supreme Leader of the nation. Xi badly wants world leaders, especially those from major democracies and economies, to come to Beijing, to recognize the legitimacy of his virtually monolithic leadership, and pay respect to it… [Continue Reading]