By: Jianli Yang – March 29, 2021

The fifth place of origin is unknown. From a total population of 7.5 million, the new strains have put the tally of infections to a total of 11,005, and with the death of an elderly man, lives lost to covid in Hong Kong have reached a total of 199. Hong Kong recorded new covid cases originating from the K11 Musea’s upscale mall. A Chinese restaurant called Mr. Ming’s is the original hotspot to the new strains of virus which are associated with the new super spreader cluster. Hong Kong has started rolling out the Sinovac vaccines.

However, people in Hong Kong are no longer very trusting of the vaccine. Initially there was trust and willingness but now the people are currently opposed to it. There is a mix of information that the masses in Hong Kong are receiving about the vaccine ever since discrepancy in information about its efficacy came to light in the data provided by Sinovac with the Brazilian trial of the Sinovac vaccine showing an efficacy of 50.4%. People are worried since Sinovac has not published data on the phase 3 of their trial and fear is at an all-time high in Hong Kong against mainland China. Professor Wallace Lau, convenor of the government’s advisory panel on coronavirus has stated that clinicians should be able to see results reviewed by other scientists in a journal. [Continue Reading…]