Dear Friends,

Good afternoon.Thank you for coming this rally on this hot Sunday afternoon.   

Since the launch of the Anti-Extradition Legislation Protests in Hong Kong on June 9, the people of Hong Kong have waged a nearly 4-month extraordinary struggle for freedom, democracy and the rule of law. Their courage, endurance, wisdom, creativity and unity have earned the world’s admiration. We are joining a few dozens of the world’s cities in rallying for Hong Kong. The struggle in Hong Kong is still ongoing.

#HongKongProtests have created #Chinnazi, a wordplay hashtag of “China” and “Nazism.” The protesters have also displayed a flag, which they designed by re-arranging the red stars in the CCP’s national flag to form Nazi swastika, naming it the “Chinazi Flag”, in Chinese, the Red Nazi (赤纳粹) flag, symbolizing the fact that the totalitarian state under the CCP bas become the “Nazism of the 21st century” or “fascism with Chinese characteristics.” 

In two days, on October 1, the CCP will stage an unprecedented grand military parade in Beijing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the party state, and to show off its military muscle to the world. We, the people who have suffered under the yoke of the Chinese communist empire, who have been bullied and threatened by its despotic power, who have suffered at the hands of the regimes backed by the CCP, and who try to support and give voices to the oppressed people, have come together in front of the CCP embassy to form a human chain against #Chinazi and condemnation of the CCP’s 70 year rule, and call for the end of Communism and fascism with Chinese characteristics, and for a free Hong Kong, a free Taiwan, a free Tibet, a free Eastern Turkistan, a free southern Mongolia, a free Cuba, a free Vietnam, a free North Korea, and, indeed, a free China. 

Let us roar for freedom.