Press Advisory:

Demonstration in front of the Chinese Embassy

July 1st, 2013


Time: 11:00am

Place:   Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C.

3505 International Place, NW
Washington, DC 20008 

July 1st marks the anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party and the anniversary of a regime which has worked to oppress its own people’s freedom of religion, expression, press, and many other universal human rights.  One of the CCP’s most damaging practices is known as forced evictions, also known as “land grabbing,” in which the government wrongly seizes property legally held by citizens of China or acquiesces in its seizure by others.  To raise awareness of this cruel abuse and to appeal on behalf of those whose land has been seized, Initiatives for China founded the Sparrow Initiative.

The Sparrow Initiative is used to coordinates protests at places of international significance, including the United Nations headquarters in New York and, starting now, the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C., in order to force the international community to take note of China’s violations of property and human rights, and to act on behalf of those suffering under the CCP, which runs the Chinese government.  Sparrow Initiative groups are now active in many parts of China, and the efforts of Initiatives for China have played a significant role in calling attention there and abroad to the forced evictions of citizens in China.

On July 1st, two victims of Chinese government land-grabbing will begin a months-long protest in front of the Chinese Embassy, with plans for peaceful but confrontational demonstration.  MA Yongtian’s home and plant were seized and demolished without her consent or lawful eminent domain proceedings.  Both she and her son will protest against the Chinese government to gain international support and force the Chinese government to acknowledge their illegal, harmful violations of Chinese citizens’ right to property.

Initiatives for China / Citizen Power for China


YANG Jianli

President,   Initiatives for China/Citizen Power for China


Below is a statement from MA Yongtian’s son explaining his and his mother’s situation:
In 2001, Changchun city did not submit any legal documentation for demolition to my company. The District Court issued a forced demolition to my company where 788 of my company products Nanguan were seized, and 62 products were destroyed. All company files were also destroyed in the demolition, as well as the company record for Jilin province administration for production, and a commerce business license. My 60 year-old Mother has received cerebral hemorrhage, and my epileptic son (whose seizures are stress-induced) have also suffered medical issues as a result of these occurrences. My annual production of ten million dollars has suffered due to business closure, and families have been ripped apart.  In 2002, Changchun people’s court ruled that the Changchun Construction Committee and Nanguan District Court’s forced eviction of my company was illegal. In 2003, the Changchun court overturned the Illegal demolition ruling of 2002 as a misjudged case. There was never any compensation made for company property and other losses, which were entitled due to final ruling, No.183, because it was never signed.  I tried to safeguard my legal rights for 12 years, but have found no satisfaction, only red tape.  I continue to receive threats of imprisonment, and other penalties.  I hope to receive satisfaction by obtaining the attention of international departments of justice.

About Sparrow Initiative

The Sparrow Initiative is a band of Chinese citizens and their supporters who have been victimized by forced evictions and land grabbing.  Sparrow Initiative groups have formed in virtually every province of China to counter the widespread practice of local governments collaborating with developers to grab land for special projects or private development.  With no independent judiciary in China, victims of forced evictions have virtually no means for redress of their grievances.

First wave of Sparrow Initiative, started in New York, where victims of forced eviction, from Shanghai, Wuhan, Changchun, and Dongguan, protested for months at United Nations headquarter. At the end of the first wave, as a success, many victims in this Sparrow Initiative protest received their appropriate compensation.
Second wave is starting July 1st, 2013. It will be focused in protesting in front of Chinese Embassies.