By: Jianli Yang – February 16, 2021

Reinforcing the belief that China has no religion as a state, and atheism is the way forward, Jinping’s government has strongly objected to party officials found practicing ‘feng shui’, a traditional practice that finds its origin from ancient China, that harnesses energy to synchronize believers with their surrounding environment.

Supremacy of socialist thought in China has taken a dangerous turn for those seeking to peacefully practice their religion within the country borders. Xi Jinping’s administration has waged a severe crackdown on CCP party members who are found professing feng shui or anything in connection to religion and spirituality.

China interestingly connotates all such ‘”superstitious” activities to be “corruption”. Accusing such delinquent CCP members of ‘corruption’, the CCDI (Central Commission for Discipline Inspection) denounces such members and eventually expels them. For the party, anything that endangers the party speak Marxist thought is sacrilege and instant grounds of expulsion. Such “corruption” expands to expressing not just religious thought, but dissenting opinions against the party as well. [Continue Reading]