By: Yang Jianli

The United Nations General Assembly recently re-elected members of the Human Rights Council. China, which has a notorious human rights record was also re-elected into the Council. Issues of human rights persecution in China such as oppression of religious freedom in Tibet, Uyghur concentration camps in Xinjiang, the prohibition of local language in Inner Mongolia, and implementation of the “National Security Law” in Hong Kong have triggered discussions on crimes against humanity in the UN General Assembly.

The human rights situation in China has been a focus of debate among democratic countries in international organizations including the UNHRC. There are increasing calls for China to stop human rights violations against Muslims in Xinjiang. Last week, Germany issued a statement at the United Nations on behalf of 39 countries showing concerns about the human rights situation in Xinjiang and the latest developments in Hong Kong after the implementation of the new version of the National Security Law. The statement was opposed by Pakistan and Cuba, the other bad actors of human rights and dubbed Germany’s statement as an interference in China’s internal affairs and expressed support for China’s Xinjiang policy… [Continue Reading]