China’s authoritarian government is brazenly stalking and attacking its citizens abroad—even in America.

By Jianli Yang – April 21, 2023

The FBI on Monday arrested and charged two American citizens of Chinese descent with illegally operating a “police station” on behalf of China’s Ministry of Public Security in New York City—one of more than 100 such outposts in over 50 countries around the world—including Italy (which reportedly has 11), Spain (9), Canada (5), the United States (4), and France (4). And these are just the ones that have come to light so far.

One of the functions of these illegal, hitherto-secret overseas Chinese police outposts is to monitor and harass Chinese dissidents in exile, such as myself, and to attempt to influence and control the Chinese diaspora at large. Although news of the arrests has focused the attention of the American people on the growing infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) into the social fabric of the U.S. and other democracies, the specter of the CCP haunting overseas Chinese communities is hardly a new phenomenon… [Continue Reading]