June 20, 2022

Yibao (YibaoChina.com) is a unique website that provides a major Chinese-language online publication supporting dissidents, activists, civil rights lawyers and heterodox thinkers in and outside the People’s Republic of China (PRC). These brave men and women are fighting a dangerous and difficult battle for human rights and rule of law in China and working tirelessly to promote China’s transition to democracy. Our editor-in-chief, Professor Cai Xia, is an influential former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) insider with an in-depth comprehension of the CCP’s ideology. She has successfully collaborated with independent think tanks to complete several research papers on the CCP and its ideology

Founded in 2001, Yibao has grown to become a leading online publication with over 100,000 daily pageviews. The longest running magazine of its kind, Yibao has always been at the forefront of countering the CCP’s propaganda. We achieve this by utilizing our team’s deep understanding of China’s state apparatus and ideological doctrines, as well as the subtle or hidden meanings of China-backed narratives. Building on our past successes, we’re now ready to meet the challenges involved in the creation of an English version of Yibao to counter the CCP’s English-language propaganda, disinformation, and media warfare campaigns.

The English edition of Yibao will be built on the original Chinese-language platform, which already has a large team of dedicated writers, producing content that generates and sustains a large readership. We propose the following sections:

✓ News: This section covers meaningful news events that are often ignored or underreported by the mainstream media.
✓ Trends: Our experts track trending topics in China and provide a wealth of rigorous data and insightful analysis on current trends.
✓ China: We offer an in-depth analysis of China’s political, socioeconomic and military dynamics and challenges, including the CCP’s power structure and internal struggles, global economic expansion, finance and trade, supply chain issues, militarization, and more.
✓ Taiwan: Our experts from Taiwan and mainland China offer insights into important and contentious issues, such as cross-Taiwan Straits relations, and, in particular, the danger of military aggression against Taiwan and possible solutions.
✓Hongkong: Our experts from Hongkong and mainland China report on and analyze the latest developments of the island city and the evolution of the CCP’s Hongkong policy.
✓ Opinion: In this section, we offer a wide array of perspectives from writers in China, providing informed, nuanced and innovative policy opinions and recommendations.
✓ Multimedia: In close association with our sources in China, we publish videos, photos and audio clips regarding major news events in China, with accurate English subtitles.
✓ Books: Our team reviews and recommends books about China, written for experts and scholars as well as members of the general public.
✓Fact-Check: We build and maintain a fact-checking platform that is fair, unbiased, credible, independent and transparent. In particular, we fact-check official CCP statements to provide our readers with fact-based, narrative-neutral information so they can make up their own minds. Currently, we’re considering three components: (1) fact-checking official CCP statements and rating their accuracy; (2) tracking popular fake news stories from China; and (3) delivering fact-based content to Chinese netizens.

We’ve assembled a team of experienced editors, including professionals and volunteers, for the creation and management of our English-language digital media outlet. And we’re lining up a talented team of writers, including highly-credible scholars, researchers, and human rights activists from both inside and outside China. Our in-house IT team is nearing the completion of a website that will be secure from the CCP’s cyber-attacks. We’re expecting to launch the English edition of Yibao on July 15th. Our vice-president, Dr. Lianchao Han – a long-time human rights scholar, activist, and former U.S. Senate aide – will be in charge of the English-language Yibao as founding editor.

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In solidarity,

Dr. Jianli Yang
Founder and President