Press release
October 10, 2022

Citizen Power Initiatives for China
Contact: Renee Walter

Washington DC – Citizen Power Initiatives for China is pleased to announce that the English version of Yibao, an online magazine, goes live today. Prof. Cai Xia, the editor-in-chief of Yibao and former professor at the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Party School, states: “I am grateful to the Chinese and overseas volunteers who have worked so hard to translate and edit the contents. Yibao English is part of the “Great Translation Movement,” aiming to tell the world the story of Chinese civil society’s struggle and citizens’ views in the face of the severe oppression of the Party-state.” She urges more volunteers to join the team to make people’s voice heard and improve the publication.

Yibao (, founded by CPIFC president Dr. Jianli Yang in 2001, Yibao is a leading online publication with more than 100,000 daily views. It has operated a unique website focused on serving as a major online Chinese language publication supporting for China’s dissidents, activists, rights lawyers and liberal intellectuals in and outside China who fight for human rights and rule of law and promote China’s transition to democracy. The longest running magazine of its kind, Yibao is at the forefront of countering the PRC’s propaganda with a deep understanding of PRC’s apparatus, ideological doctrines, and the subtle or hidden meanings of PRC’s narratives. Built on past success, we are ready to meet the challenges by creating and running this English version to counter CCP propaganda and disinformation warfare.

Here is the link of Yibao English: