Committee on the Present Danger: China | May 27, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C.– The Committee on the Present Danger: China (CPDC) today offered the Trump administration and the U.S. Congress a dozen practical measures designed to demonstrate our nation’s solidarity with the people of Hong Kong now in imminent peril of having the last vestiges of their freedom and autonomy crushed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The CPDC issued its “Stand with Freedom for Hong Kong” statement as both the executive and legislative branches consider appropriate responses to the impending imposition by the PRC of a National Security Law that would “prohibit any activity that would seriously endanger national security.” As the Committee noted, “In practice, the National Security Law will effectively end the ability of the people of Hong Kong to engage in political discourse since such discourse will inevitably be deemed by Beijing as “endangering national security.”

The CPDC’s recommended actions are designed to penalize the Chinese Communist Party in material ways. They will also redound to the benefit of the people of the United States, while demonstrating solidarity with their freedom-loving friends and allies in Hong Kong and far beyond.

Among the twelve initiatives are eight that would help prevent the further underwriting by U.S. capital markets of the myriad threats the CCP poses to this country and the rest of the Free World. President Trump and his senior subordinates have recently identified such funding as contrary to the national security and to our human right values, as well as a peril to American investors.

In addition, the Committee recommends initiatives designed to: break down the so-called Great Firewall that denies the people of China access to information not approved by their totalitarian regime; punish the perpetrators of human rights violations; impede “organ genocide,” Beijing’s industrial-grade, transplanting of organs involuntarily extracted from religious and ethnic minorities, political prisoners and others; and help defend the people of Taiwan – who are clearly next in Beijing’s cross-hairs.

The Committee’s statement concluded: “Given what appears to have been an unprecedented and devastating viral attack deliberately, consciously and malevolently unleashed on the United States, our people, and our way of life by the Chinese Communist Party, its true character and ambitions can no longer be ignored. The Committee on the Present Danger: China commends the Trump administration for standing up to the CCP and calls on it and the Congress to stand with the people of Hong Kong and other U.S. allies by adopting the foregoing measures immediately.”