He certainly has a lot to gain from staying in China’s good graces

By Jianli Yang and Lianchao Han | May 24, 2022

Although his deal to buy Twitter is “on hold,” Elon Musk is still committed to the takeover according to himself. So the China questions that are arising from this potential acquisition remain valid.

Ever since Mr. Musk announced his $44 billion purchase of Twitter, reactions have varied considerably. Most conservatives think he will make the space more open to freedom of speech, while many liberals fear the repercussions that can come from Mr. Musk potentially removing all content moderation. However, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos raised a more pressing concern that has flown under both sides of the aisle’s radar thus far: Will Mr. Musk’s ownership of Twitter benefit China at proponents of democracy’s expense?

China has banned Twitter since 2009, but millions of Chinese citizens use proxy servers to bypass the government’s social media restrictions and access news reports that the genocidal regime deems unfavorable. That is partly why over 26,000-linked Twitter accounts have been found to spread regime-backed propaganda on the social media platform — to counter… [Continue Reading]

Source: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2022/may/24/could-china-be-the-biggest-winner-in-musks-twitter/