Dear Mr. Penpa Tsering,

It gives me great pleasure to extend my sincerest congratulations to you on being elected as president of the Central Tibetan Administration.

The arduous struggle of Tibetans has earned the admiration of the entire world. The Tibetan people’s struggle is an important part of the history of human beings peacefully resisting tyranny and slavery to fight for freedom and equality. With tenacity and resolve, the Tibetan people have vastly expanded the spiritual horizons and moral courage of us all. I believe that under your leadership, the cause of freedom for Tibetans will continue to make significant progress and gain even more support from the international community and the Chinese people.

Citizen Power Initiatives for China will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with our Tibetan brothers and sisters in our shared pursuit of freedom.

I extend my blessings to you and all of our Tibetan brothers and sisters. Finally, I wish to offer my heartfelt prayers for the good health of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, from whom we continue to receive spiritual inspiration and wisdom.

Yang Jianli
Founder and President, Citizen Power Initiatives for China







杨建利 敬致